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A 20-year 9-5 public sector career in education and employment, marriage, mortgage, and 2 adopted grown up children. And then? 


First a little more about me. Born in the 60s in Lancashire with Spina Bifida and part-time wheelchair user, at times where the walking or standing would be too much. I was brought up to be very independent. Education was mainstream primary then sadly ?special? secondary (there is a place for this, but it wasn?t for me). I love travel from weekends away locally to long haul Safari and anything in between, canoeing and needlecrafts in my down time.

After a few years of ill health in my mid 40s, I was offered early ?retirement? on health grounds. This wasn?t something I was at all happy about initially, but I decided to embrace the opportunity. What next? More time for yoga, meditation, social life, a degree, retraining as a teaching assistant, and then, divorce. I volunteered for a while in my new chosen career, but looking for that security, found it to be a saturated marketplace. Then I met my partner and soon after ventured into being a business owner. Tudor Rose was born in February 2017 www.tudorroseservices.co.uk

Throughout my life, I have gravitated to empowering others to reach their potential. From social club support and basic skills support and tutoring those with learning difficulties, adopting children with challenging early years, one being autistic, to supporting job seeker and education policies. Today through my advice and coaching I enjoy my passion. Supporting employers to be health and disability confident, and empowering employees to focus on their work goals. Leading by example and bridging the gap between health and work. In these 3 years I have co-authored two books, been interviewed on the radio and on Podcasts, been on video and photoshoots and studying for a professional qualification. It is hard work at times, but I am lucky to be able to pursue my own busines. I love what I do and the flexibility and freedom. I can?t ever see myself returning to the 9-5.

Jane Dyer