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We would like to announce financial business investments to all our entrepreneurs with any disability who has an inspirational start-up business idea or an established company,

If you have the passion and motivation to succeed, If that’s you then Please visit our sister company Kaleidoscope Investments.

Our sister company Kaleidoscope Investments was founded by Shane Bratby and Hardeep Rai while we had a business meeting in London together, we believed there was still diversity and confidence issues due to an all host of reasons facing disabled entrepreneurs when looking for financial backing and business support.

Kaleidoscope Investments has supported countless disabled people on their journey as entrepreneurs, including Matt. Hardeep Rai, a budding entrepreneur himself, is common to have the opportunities they deserve. Hardeep Rai has also used his insights to help develop the guide for disabled entrepreneurs in starting your own business.

Kaleidoscope Investments will invest anything from £1,000 to £250,000 into a business they think has potential.

Their mentors work very closely with each business and will provide advice and guidance tailored to the entrepreneurs’ disabilities and based on their own sector expertise. In addition, Kaleidoscope Investments will support businesses by providing infrastructure including IT web development, branding, sales and marketing specialists, operations, lawyers, and accountants.

Hardeep Rai, founder of Kaleidoscope Investments said:

“I’m really excited to be a part of this. I want disabled people to know that starting their own business is as much an option for them as for anyone else. I know there are many disabled people who have fantastic ideas and I’m hoping that through Ki and the guide we are launching today with the DWP, we can empower them to transform these ideas into real businesses.

My eyes were really opened to the challenges that disabled people face when I watched my son Ethan, who has a severe disability, grow up. It was this, and working with my disabled business partner Shane Bratby, that meant I really began to understand the challenges that disabled entrepreneurs have around starting a business and raising investment.

But what I crucially saw was the huge amount of talent, determination, willingness and passion that disabled entrepreneurs have to succeed. So I want to help to take those skills and nurture them to stimulate entrepreneurship and turn ideas into real businesses”

To visit Kaleidoscope Investments.​​​​​​​