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What started out as an obsession and interest for luxury watches, excellent craftsmanship and high- quality timepieces grew out to a company which changed the traditional luxury watch concept and offers German luxury timepieces where quality meets the price.

After years of talking and comparing other watch brands, two friends who shared a common interest decided to pursue their dream and founded their own watch brand.

Through the Japanese background of one of the co-founders, Benkheim&Co was able to partner with Japanese manufacturers which could provide them with high-quality movements. By combining reliable Seiko movements with precise German engineering, Benkheim&Co is able to offer luxury timepieces where excellent craftsmanship meets impeccable designs.

For the two founders, a luxury watch was always more than just a materialistic object which tells you the time. For them, a luxury watch symbolizes reliability, precision, and performance. While incorporating these values into the Benkheim brand, the two founders used the rise of digital commerce, globalization and new technologies to start their own luxury brand.

Academic and professional achievements always played an important role for the two founders and after two years of dedication, countless days and after work nights Benkheim&Co is proud to finally introduce the first Benkheim Claudel. A luxury chronograph exclusively designed for people who are on their path to success.

Benkheim&Co is convinced that performance is enhanced by confidence. By providing highly reliable chronographs with exclusive designs, the Company wants to help their customers achieve their personal goals. Whether it is academic, professional or athletic performance, Benkheim wants to support its customers in achieving their dreams. The Company specializes in chronographs which are a symbol of performance.

With their exclusive and classic designs, a Benkheim luxury watch makes you feel confident and gets you a step closer to your goals and ambitions.

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