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Wishlist 2017 : Voilà ! The connected item 100% Made in France !

LocaterVoilà! is the connected item that will make scatterbrains happy. It will help them to handle stressing circumstances.

Ho Ho Ho ! Imagine, if Santa Claus was forgetting the presents on Christmas night ? Or, if the Grinch wanted to steal all of them ?

These stressing situations would never happen with Voilà! by Wistiki. This connected item allows Santa Claus to find his sleigh back by making it rings and finding it on a map. In addition, this tracker is 100% Made in France thanks to a hundred of elfs.   

Wistiki helps you forget the tricky situations to make you happy. Say « Stop » to the stress! Voilà! is the perfect gift for this Christmas. It’s 11 grams of happiness that will make you earn more than two hours of time by month. You’ll finally enjoy spending time with your family without the stress.

By the way, a rumour is told : Santa Claus is using it everyday to find his sleigh back. Santa Claus’wife told us… But, shhhhhh! it’s a secret.

Now, the only problem would be to wait until Christmas Night to wake up with your Voilà!



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