A best selling international author; the first woman in the world to compete in
an Iron Man Triathlon with cerebral palsy wearing an exoskeleton; the
podcaster of two successful podcasts: Butterflies of Wisdom and WinWisdom
(with a combined audience of 19,000) and a woman with a global vision to
find and interview the top 100 disability influencers in the world.
Win is no stranger to challenges. She lives with cerebral palsy. She has defied
odds by competing in triathletes and at age 24 wrote her autobiography “I,
Win” as a tribute to her Mother who died suddenly from a brain aneurism in
2010. Win credits her drive and achievements to her parents’ extraordinary
support, encouragement and pure love as the foundation to helping her
navigate life.
Educated in Colorado, living in Aspen, Win describes herself as an author,
podcaster and artist, with a mission to share the extraordinary possibilities that
those living with disabilities have. She also hopes that those without
disabilities – rather than putting a focus on our differences – will come to
understand what we all have in common.



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