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The Secret Facebook Features You Should Be Making Use Of



Everyone who has ever heard about the Internet knows about Facebook. It’s one of the most popular online platforms in the world and people are still in love with it today as they were when it first started to catch on popularity.

However, Facebook is so much more than a social media platform where people can stumble upon old college friends and catch up on what everyone is doing. It’s actually a heaven for online marketing strategies and one of the most used platforms in SEO campaigns. Facebook has around 1 650 million active users every day, from all over the world and this creates the perfect opportunities for marketers to promote their projects and businesses.

So, if you are currently a business owner or you are involved in online marketing, you are already familiar with the basic marketing techniques used to promote on Facebook. However, there are still a few hidden features that could make a difference in your campaigns. If we caught your attention, take a look at the features mentioned below and see how they can help media

#1: Save for later

Let’s face it: we all share content that we find to be interesting for our readers. This way we maintain the page engaging and attractive for readers. For instance, if you are trying to promote a page for a physical clinic, you won’t always have fresh and engaging content to share. However, by curating the content you find on other pages, you can keep things going.


That’s why Facebook added this great feature called Save. Now, whenever you find something interesting and you want to save for later, you simply save the link and check the archive later. This technique is great for curating content for your page or getting inspiration for any new blog posts.

#2: See how the competition is doing

Anyone who was ever involved in a business process knows how important it is to analyze your competitors’ every move. Facebook knows that too and allows you to see the top posts from the pages you are submitted to.

To access these, you simply have to go on Insights → Posts → Top Posts from Pages You Watch. This is a great monitoring tool that keeps you up to date with successful posts from your competition.

#3: Facebook has history

And this is not about the history of Facebook. It’s about your own history on Facebook: all your actions, shares, posts, comments, everything you did on a page to engage users. Why is this useful? Well first of all, it will help you analyze your activity, see the response you’ve got and improve based on real data. It’s like receiving feedback for your email marketing campaigns.  

Second of all, Facebook helps you build campaigns based on these data. For instance, you can actually create ad campaigns for people who clicked on specific ads. Also, there is a series of advanced demographic targeting possibilities which will be extremely helpful in targeting the right people.

Hoping these features will be helpful for your future campaigns, we also have to mention that Facebook is not the only player in the game. There is always the plain old email marketing strategy which is one of the most productive ways to promote a campaign.






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