Our highly trained (and VERY enthusiastic!) Disabled Entrepreneur speakers inspire non-disabled and disabled students in schools, universities and various business events across the World. We encourage our disabled listeners to think about positivity and inspiration and we demonstrate this through our own experience, Our message is situated around that disability doesn’t have to be an obstacle while running a business or wanting a better future, One of Messages is  If we can do it with a disability, why not you?, we can tailor our speaking to meet the topic of your event. Choose from the list of disabled entrepreneurs to speak at your event or workshop.


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Shane Bratby Speaking

Shane has won many business awards and he was born with a disabling neurological condition called Friedreich’s Ataxia which left him wheelchair bound at 20 years old, Shane built and sold a successful mobility business with little money, Now he runs 5 other businesses which make him a successful serial entrepreneur also Shane Bratby is the founder of the organization disabled entrepreneurs, he traveled to Chile’s leading university to speak and represent the UK on the subject disabled entrepreneurship.

Topics: Growing a Business & Confidence Building

Disability: Friedreich’s Ataxia

Travel: United Kingdom and Worldwide

Contact: shanebratby@gmail.com

Twitter: @Shane_bratby

Website: www.shanebratby.com

Shane is so inspirational when he speaks! “We will recommend him” – Kings Cross academy

Speaker pulic

Based out of York, Dom runs his own online and print music magazine Soundsphere, and works as part of the Disabled Entrepreneurs and Creative Condition networks. He is also an Enterprise UK and NYBEP STEM  Ambassador who has the opportunity to conduct regular workshops and talks around the country about entrepreneurship, media and journalism.

Topic: Disability, Business, Social Media, Magazines, The Music Industry

Disability: Cerebral Palsy

Travel: United Kingdom

Contact: dom@soundspheremag.com

Twitter: @D0m_Sm1th

Website: www.domsmithonline.co.uk

Danielle brown medalist

Success in any environment is characterised by having a winning mentality. Danielle’s experiences of competing at international level for seven years has given her a unique insight into exactly what it takes to thrive under pressure and employ that winning mindset to achieve a dream.

Danielle has considerable experience talking to both large and small audiences, using a highly individual style to explore the arduous climb to success and the utter blows of failure. Danielle’s drive to push herself to an able-bodied standard, as well as bouncing back when her world collapsed after failing her classification gives her the capacity to inspire all audiences. Danielle has an honest and engaging approach, coupled with a broad understanding of different learning styles which qualifies her to put her message across in an articulate manner that is accessible to all. Danielle’s story will motivate listeners to strive to better their own performance in their given profession, teaching them how to quickly recover from setbacks and turn any negative situation into a positive unique one.

Each speech is tailored specifically to cover your individual needs, whether for a classroom setting, a conference, or team building days. Whether you want your speech to explore the qualities required for success, planning performance, achieving your dream, resilience and adversity, teamwork, diversity and inclusion, disability awareness, coping with pressure, or any other topic that relates to your event, Danielle is able to deliver a heartfelt speech that is right for you.Topic: Disability, Confidence Building, Developing a Performance Mindset, Helping Women Break Through the Glass Ceiling, Overcome Adversity and Develop Resilience

Topic: Disability, Confidence Building, Developing a Performance Mindset, Helping Women Break Through the Glass Ceiling, Overcome Adversity and Develop Resilience

Disability: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Travel: United Kingdom and Worldwide

Contact: info@daniellebrown.co.uk

Twitter: @danielle10488

Website: www.daniellebrown.co.uk


public speaker - jones

Speaker Biography

From trauma to triumph

A powerful, inspiring speaker who will leave you wondering: how effective are the support structures in YOUR life?

In 1989, former Warwickshire county swimming champion and young mum, Sandy Eifion-Jones, developed chronic M.E. (muscle fatigue) and became bedbound, requiring 24 hour care. She remained bedbound for the next ten years, twice losing her life following two cardiac arrests and requiring round-the-clock care.

Today, as an experienced entrepreneur and award-winning speaker, Sandy helps her audiences to conquer trauma and confront change.

Drawing on her own extraordinary journey from trauma to triumph, Sandy aims to uplift and inspire audience members, motivating them to extract more value from their lives. They leave with the insights to banish dependency and unlock the true value of support – in work, hobbies, social and family life.

Sandy can adapt her portfolio to suit small or large business audiences, community and social groups of any age. She is available for delivering keynote talks or an informal group chat from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.

What Others Have Said

Sandy Eifion-Jones spoke on the topic of “From Trauma to Triumph” to the Walton Rotary Club on Jan 15 2015. The members in attendance were inspired by Sandy’s approach to overcoming the personnel trauma in her life. Sandy, whilst not a member of Rotary, has had life-long connections with the Rotary family and it was most interesting for us all to discover that the “small” steps Sandy took to overcome the enormous challenges life threw at her, mirror Rotary’s own approach to promoting Rotary’s charitable and service endeavours worldwide. We suggested she should consider joining Rotary in future and we would certainly recommend her to speak to other Rotary Clubs and organisations on her personal success in overcoming debilitating circumstances. Keith R. Evans, QC Chair, International Committee, Rotary Club of Walton on Thames_feb 15

Thank you for taking the time to come to Hampton WI for an inspirational talk at our Nov 2014 meeting. I was moved by your journey in life and how it changed so suddenly, what was interesting was your strength on a personal level of achieving and willpower to move forward. I hope that you continue your great work that you do and look forward to chatting to you in the near future. Suriya Goodlett, President, Hampton WI November 2014

There is no doubt about it, we all thoroughly enjoyed your talk – it was very impressive. The essence of a good speaker is their ability to hold the audience captivated in their story.  Sandy’s story was both fascinating and inspirational. I cannot recommend her talents as a speaker highly enough. John Edwards. Nonsuch Rotary Club February 2014

If you are presenting at an event, it helps to have a good host to introduce the main speakers. Sandy Eifion-Jones gave me an excellent lead-in at two wine-tasting events. She was confident and calm, whilst being highly engaging and immediately able to connect with her audience. As a result guests felt relaxed, motivated and looking forward to what I had to say. Bill Warry, Director, Chateau Select Ltd, November 2013.

Our company was looking for someone professional, poised, assertive with high communicational skills to chair an important shareholders meeting. We were lucky that Sandy Eifion-Jones accepted our invitation to take on the challenge. She chaired our meeting and the result was an astounding success. As directors of the company, we were thrilled with her excellent performance. The way she managed the meeting exceeded all our expectations. Her contribution can do so much to increase the integrity of your occasion. If your company needs an excellent speaker for any corporate events, Sandy Eifion-Jones is the right person to give you excellent value. David Woods, Drena Janoobi ( Directors) Tennyson Lodge South Management Co. Ltd. Richmond, Oct 201


Topic: Disability, Confidence Building, Developing a Performance Mindset, Helping Women Break TDisability:hrough the Glass Ceiling, Overcome Adversity and Develop Resilience, speaking to businesses, motivational and inspirational keynote speaking, chairing a meeting, introducing a main speaker, schools.

Disability: Muscle fatigue

Travel:  United Kingdom – and Worldwide, open to consideration

Contact: sandy@sejwritingservices.co.uk

Twitter: @SEJspeaking 

Website: http://sejpublicspeakingservices.com/