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PARTNER WANTED! Why the Disabled Need Business Partners

Ask most any business advisor or person in business, and especially attorneys, and they will tell you to avoid having a partner in your (start-up) business at all costs. “It’s (most often) a platonic relationship that is destined to end up in divorce,” they will say. In addition, for a person with a disability seeking vocational rehabilitation assistance (if their VR plan for self-employment is approved), partnership are not favorably looked upon, with a possible exception of a collaboration with another vocational rehabilitation consumer.

Yeah. Tell Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Steve Job and the many other successful business people that partnerships don’t work.

Having launched more than 20 businesses as a person with a disability, and having assisted hundreds in their entrepreneurial aspirations, without question, the businesses achieving success the quickest were partner driven, especially in the start-up phase




It’s all about Business Synergy … and Business Synergy is all about “business math”:

1 + 1 = 3

One person working in tandem with another person to reach a common goal equals the productivity of three people working independently.

Given that there are only 24 hours in a day, and the personal and professional challenges you, as the business owner has, a partner should be someone who can offset or counter your weaknesses, with you complimenting or substituting for their weaknesses. At all cost, you want to avoid duplicating those challenges you have by having a partner also having like or similar disabilities and challenges.



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