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New range of products from Disabled Entrepreneur

Disabled Entrepreneurs (DE) UK has launched their latest batch of disabled-friendly products. The range includes tee shirts, Beanie hats, traditional hats and mug.

The tee shirts are available in small, medium and large sizes. Coloured in white and grey colours the tees have ‘Proud To Represent’ crested on it. Another inspiring motto printed on DE tees reads ‘My ability is stronger Than my disability’.

The Beanie hat, another delicately woven product, comes in three colours: white, grey and red, with the DE logo crested on it. The official logo hat of the DE is also now in the market in white, red and green. The DE official logo mug is also available now in the market in white. You can purchase them online by visiting the official website of the DE, The products could be purchased on free shipping basis.

The Disabled Entrepreneurs is a company formulated to cater to the disabled individuals living in the UK.  The company focuses on forming and growing new business ideals along with employment opportunities for the disabled. Unlike most other entrepreneurs, however, the disabled entrepreneurs face numerous challenges beyond mere disability. Most disabled entrepreneurs are already undergoing chronic health conditions. Self-employment not only makes them happy and occupied, but also it provides them with a means to self-sufficiency.

The Disabled Entrepreneurs also concentrates on various public awareness activities, governmental advocacy and specialised disability consulting. The disabled community has a well-woven network thanks to the pioneering efforts of the company.

The company invites any disabled person with the right kind of entrepreneurial attitude to join them. The Disabled Entrepreneurs provide the platform to the budding entrepreneurs with disabilities to grow up with a positive attitude towards life.

For many disabled persons, self-employment may pose an impractical aspect of life. It is a challenge, but not something impossible, according to the Disabled Entrepreneurs. The company focuses on empowering and supporting the disabled community with the required knowledge as well as the confidence to reach the higher echelons as enterprising entrepreneurs. The disability should no longer be a barrier in moving forward in the social ladder of success.

Any disabled person with an entrepreneurial idea is welcome to approach the Disabled Entrepreneurs. The company will listen to the idea and provide the relevant support network of mentors and teachers to convert the idea into reality. With this mission, the DE has made a large number of disabled people independent and self-confident.

As long as the entrepreneurial idea could work wonders, the disability would never be a problem. Although it may pose several challenges, the DE support network will make sure to straighten things out.

The support network concentrates on business challenges in the board meetings. The novice entrepreneurs will be enlightened on strategic issues around disability along with small business management.

The DE’s latest product range is the offshoot of the longstanding, yet patient, venture of working with and among the disabled community in the UK. For more inspiring information about them, visit their website or follow them on twitter, @DisabledEnts.


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