Magnum Services provide professional amputee actors and makeup specialist

With the increasing threat from terrorist attacks and civil unrest, it is important that first responders get the best possible realistic training.  One company, Magnum Services, helps them prepare for this unfortunate eventuality by providing professional amputee actors and moulage casualty simulation for film, television, the Armed Forces and emergency services.

Imagine the gamut of emotions these emergency personnel are faced with in a terrorist attack or natural disaster situation. Being mentally prepared to handle what they will see is over half the battle in helping them to do their jobs effectively.

This is why more emergency training companies are looking to set up the most realistic tragedy simulation possible for first responders training.  They learn how to deal with making the medical decisions necessary while affected by the emotions they might feel in a similar real world situation. And this is where Magnum Services comes in. Through the use of trained amputee actors and professional moulage makeup, Magnum Services is able to make training extremely realistic by simulating injuries such as: catastrophic hemorrhaging, blast injuries, bioterrorism, lacerations, burns and traumatic amputations and, importantly, the psychological effects of trauma.  

Magnum Services’ actors are experienced in ad-libbing and improvising during the crisis scenario.  The actors react to their simulated injuries (both visually obvious and any injuries hidden under clothing) and the quality of treatments administered by the first responder, including reacting to subtle prompts by training instructors.  A wide variety of potential scenarios are available that include examples like: military casualties injured in a battlefield environment (including live firing exercises), a civilian injured in a road traffic accident, earthquake or other disaster victims, or a patient in a hospital bed undergoing care for a variety of both physical and mental health issues.

 “It’s about desensitizing people to the reality of these traumatic injuries, so they can get on and do their job effectively when it actually happens, and giving the most realistic training possible” explains Magnum Services Marketing Director Ruben Carril.

The impact of this kind of training is an additional sense of empowerment in the first responder and the reassurance for the company that their staff, employees and trainees will all have enhanced operating skill levels with the additional confidence and preparedness gleaned during our realistic training scenarios.



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