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3 Ways to Get Investing

From a young age, we are often told to ensure that we save our cash, people say that we should save it for a ‘rainy day’ or for an emergency. Savings can also be used for large purchases and it is good practice to ensure that you save a healthy chunk of your annual salary.

Whilst it is always good to save your money, what often happens is that people save and save and save and then don’t use the money that they have saved to grow their wealth. Many talk about saving but not as many people talk about investing which, if done sensibly, can increase your savings pot and leave you with some extra cash along with the many which you have amassed over the years. Deciding to invest is one thing, deciding where to invest is quite another. Here are a few ways in which you can put that money to work and get investing.

Real Estate

Real estate is a great place to invest your cash, you can opt to buy commercial or residential property and you can see returns on both sales of real estate or monthly returns from renting property out. The real estate markets can often be volatile which provides investors with good opportunities to buy when the prices are low and see strong returns when they increase again. The option to rent property out means that should prices decrease, you can secure regular dividends on your investment through rental revenues and then look to sell the property should the prices climb again.

Share Dealing

For those interested in investing in stocks and shares, you can start with as little as £100 and feel your way around the industry before you decide to buy larger amounts of stocks. There is also the option of demo stock trading accounts for the investor who doesn’t want to risk their own capital before they are familiar with the processes. Professional stock traders and fund managers will look to get in cheap and sell quickly for a big profit but for you, there won’t be the same pressure on making fast cash.

You can take your time to survey the market and choose the right stock for you before you buy. The same goes for the sale of your stocks, if you aren’t in a rush for quick profit then you can observe some patience and continuously track your stock price before opting to sell it on. The selling of the stock is key and learning when is the right time to do it will only come through practice. You are better off investing your cash in a portfolio of stocks which will give you a safer way to ensure that you protect your investment.

Spread Betting

Spread betting is a great way to invest your money which could see you make some great returns, returns which will be free from taxation. Spread betting is about placing bets on the movement of a stock, currency, or commodity price, up or down. You can start spread betting with just a small amount of money through providers like IG and with just a little bit of research into the market of your choice. You will be betting against a forecast that has been given by the market and you can bet on daily prices or even over longer periods of time. To become successful when it comes to spread betting you will need to have not only knowledge but also a good gut when it comes to making decisions about which way the price will move.

Investing as an entrepreneur is knowing when to invest and when to hold back. Invest correctly and your entrepreneurial project will have an excellent standing.

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